It's been one of my hardest years ever and I've been through a lot of horrible stuff.  Now that all is a little in the past and I feel much better, I've realised something really important and I wanted to make a little game about it in case it helps someone who is feeling the same as me. This game is for all of you.

Controls: The arrows in the keyboard.

Special thanks to Jaime for helping me and translating my game.

Made withBitsy
TagsBitsy, narrative-game


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Esta idea tiene muchísimo potencial para poder ayudar a mucha gente a superar los malos momentos que TODOS tenemos en la vida. Ánimo y esperamos ver más cosas tuyas!

Muchas gracias <3


Me has hecho emocionar en la última pantalla, me ha gustado mucho :) La manera en la que lo has representado, muy inteligente ^^ y por cierto, no te seguía aún así que vamos a remediarlo >o<

Ay, muchas gracias <3